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Microbe Lift Aquarium Salt Crystals : 8.8 oz


Microbe Lift Aquarium Salt Crystals : 8.8 oz

Rs. 480.00

  • Helps to reduce the threat of parasites
  • Improves gill function
  • Reduces the effects of nitrite toxicity
  • Nitrate & phosphate free
  • Contains no additives


MICROBE-LIFT/Aquarium Salt Crystals added to your tank water can be effective in helping to maintain a healthy fish environment, and, in proper dosages, has proven to be helpful in reducing the threat of parasitic infestations in the aquarium.

MICROBE-LIFT/Aquarium Salt Crystals will temporarily block the toxic effects of nitrite, and, by initiating the production of a thicker slime coat on the fish's body surface, helps to promote a stronger immune system and reduce stress.

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