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Discus Food Grand Champion : 80g


Discus Food Grand Champion : 80g

Rs. 690.00

Exotica Discus food Grand Champion 80g

Applications: Complete food for Discus. The sole food for all discus fish. Prevents deficiency syndromes and thus supports the continuous health of your fish. Contains antiparasitic, Astaxanthin, Beta-glucane. Protien 54% Oil 16% Fibre 1.7% Ash 10.8%

The food is made in Germany!

Additives per Kg Vit A 339.620I.E., Vit. D3 3,000I.E., Vit E 506 mg. Vit C 795 mg, Vit. K3.6 mg. Vit B1 31.8 mg, Vit. B2 79.5 mg, Vit B6 31.8 mg, Vit B12 159 mcg, Folsaure 7.95 mg, Ca-D-Panthothenat 159 mg. Biotin 79.5 mcg, Nicotinsaure 477mg, Cholinchlorid 795 mg, BHT, BHA, Propylgallat.

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