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ADA Green Brighty STEP 1 (500ml)


ADA Green Brighty STEP 1 (500ml)

Rs. 1,725.00

STEP 1 contains trace elements in a good balance and promotes the new leaf growth at initial stage. We recommend STEP 1 for initial stage to the 3rd month after the setup.

 Desalinated deep seawater is used as a base of Green Brighty series. It promotes nutrient absorption of aquatic plants, and has an effect of developing good leaf coloration.
* Liquid fertilizer, Green Brighty series adopts a push-nozzle for easy nutrient supply. One-push is equivalent to 1ml supply.

Liquid Fertilizer Utility

Dosage Guide Initial setting to 3rd month / Daily 3rd month to 1 year / Daily 1 year or later / Daily At a water change / Daily For sun plants For shade plants
Nitrogen         Y Y
Phosphate         Y Y
Potassium     Y Y Y Y
Iron Y Y Y   Y Y
Trace elements Y Y Y   Y Y
Chlorine neutralization      

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