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Hikari Fancy Guppy-22102 (22gm)


Hikari Fancy Guppy-22102 (22gm)

Rs. 250.00

  •  Pellets that becomes soft quickly yet does not dissolve in water. This highly palatable diet is one your fish will eagerly devour.
  • The ingredients encapsulated in each pellet guarantees your pet will get the nutrient mix they need for proper health, always.
  • The Micro-Coating eliminates nutrient leeching and water clouding.
  • Includes krill a natural source of astaxanthin which is easily synthesized and promotes vibrant color.
  • Contains seaweed a natural source of iodine which supports reproduction in guppies.
  • Developed, produced and packaged in our facilities so we can be assured you'll always get the ®Hikari quality you expect!

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