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Multi 14000E


Multi 14000E

Rs. 30,500.00

SICCE Multi High Tech 14000e Pump [13100 LPH]

Sicce has taken the synchronous motor to the highest level in the pumps industry with the NEW MULTI RANGE

New generation, high performances pumps, made for submersed and in line applications.

The Multi High Tech Line pumps have an innovative & unique design.

Thanks to their innovative technology, these pumps can be used in a great number of different applications.

These pumps have a maximum head height of over 8 m maintaining a low power consumption and extremely high performances which are a standard of all Sicce engineered products.

These pumps are powerful, compact and easy to maintaining. They can work both submersed and out of water (Wet & Dry application).

The permanent magnet synchronous motor pumps are perfect in various fields i.e. gardening (pond), aquariology, watercooling and above ground pools.



  • Model: Multi High Tech 14000e
  • Flow Rate: 13100 LPH
  • Power Consumption: 175 Watt
  • Max Head: 8.5 Metre
  • Tank Capacity: 3000 - 25000 L
  • OUT Hose Connector: 1 & 1/2" GAS
  • IN Hose Connector: 1 & 1/2" GAS
  • Dimensions: 190mm x 242mm x 161mm High
  • Cord Length: 1.5 Metre
  • Power Type: 240v

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