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RO Kit


RO Kit

Rs. 15,000.00

Clean water is essential for keeping aquatic organisms, such as fish and aquatic plants, in an aquarium. 99% of the chemical substances found in tap water can be removed with the use of RO Kit combined with NA Water (sold separately.) RO Kit is optional kit of NA Water and contained necessary parts for connection. It cannot be used by itself, so please always use it with NA Water.

* The amount of water RO Kit can produce per unit hour differs depending on the water temperature and water pressure.
* The standard specification of reverse osmosis membrane is 100GPD (gallons per day). The actual amount of purified water production is affected by the tap water temperature, and water pressure.
* The frequency of the membrane replacement is generally every 2 years.
* All the necessary parts integrating RO Kit into the NA Water are included. But please prepare the tools such as adjustable wrench and screw driver separately.
* Feed Water Connector (Faucet adapter) is designed for the faucet diameter 16mm or 19mm. Depending on your faucet types, the adapter cannot be connected. In such case, please prepare commercially available adapter.
* This product is an optional kit optimized for the NA Water (sold separately). It cannot be used by itself.

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