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Tunze USA 3155.000 Automatic Top off Osmolator for Aquariums


Tunze USA 3155.000 Automatic Top off Osmolator for Aquariums

Rs. 22,200.00

  • Redundancy for absolute safety
  • Nearly 30 years as the number one auto top off system
  • Easy installation with magnetic holders

"High-tech for a reliable water level in the aquarium In 1985 Tunze invented the automatic refill system for aquariums. Some people regarded this invention as a useless accessory. But they forgot something very important: sensitive aquarium animals need a constant osmotic pressure within their cells. The Osmolator (osmotic regulator) is very easy to install and provides its complete functionality in a single compact unit. Only the Osmolator is able to provide you with the necessary security and reliability since it is based on the vast experience that Tunze has been able to gather throughout the course of many years. Primary sensor is a mini optical infrared sensor for extremely precise regulation. A secondary float sensor serves as an independent back up. A ten minute timer shuts off the pump is the sensors fail. Ships complete with tubing pump and power supply and magnetic mounts for sensors."

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